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This month, guest Daniel Goldberg gives a provocative look into the world of pain without lesion. How do – and should – doctors handle patients’ pain when there’s no visible cause?

Guest essay – Daniel S. Goldberg, “Where Does It Hurt?”

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Daniel S. Goldberg received his B.A. with honors in philosophy from Wesleyan University, his J.D. magna cum laude from the University of Houston Law Center, and is currently a Ph.D student in the medical humanities at University of Texas Medical Branch. He is also a health policy fellow at Baylor College of Medicine’s Chronic Disease Prevention & Control Research Center, and a Research Professor at Baylor College of Medicine’s Initiative on Law, Brains, and Behavior. His work focuses on a variety of issues, including conflicts of interest, neuroethics, disabilities, and the social determinants of health. His forthcoming dissertation will use the lenses of the medical humanities to address the root causes of the widespread under-treatment of pain in the U.S. He is also interested in assessing the role of the medical humanities for health policy.

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