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How did the Civil War and the Cold War affect the acceptance of evolution in the United States? Tune in to today’s program to find out. This is the second episode in a three-part series on the history behind the evolution-intelligent design controversy.

First guest essay – Caitlin McShea, “Atomic Bombs and Evolutionary Mushroom Clouds

  • Caitlin McShea is a sophomore majoring in biology and philosophy at Southwestern University. After graduation, she hopes to pursue a career in bioethical law.

Second guest essay – Kate Peteet, “Evolution Is Not a Dirty Word”

  • Kate Peteet is a sophomore studying art history, architecture, and design at Southwestern University. She plans to attend graduate school as well, perhaps to study pre-Columbian South American art.
  • Additional voices in the essay provided by fellow students Jennifer Pitzen and Marco Duran.

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On today’s show, we look at the seemingly obvious idea that women and men are opposites. So many cultures historically have assumed this to be so, and so many of these cultures have argued that differences between men and women had a natural basis. We will see how difficult that argument has been to maintain as science has probed deeper into the human body.

Guest essay: Amber Hoerauf, “The Hormone Revolution”

Host essay: “Yin to His Yang”

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All music on this program courtesy of the Podsafe Music Network except where noted.

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