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Wondering where episode 15 (for September 2008) is? If you haven’t heard the last few minutes of episode 14, then you missed my explaining that I need to put this podcast on indefinite hiatus.

I have enjoyed producing this podcast immensely, and I’m sorry to let it go, even if this does end up being a temporary separation.

I had hoped that the 40-60 hours that I spent producing each episode would dwindle as I became more adept with the audio technology. However, I found that even with some experience, the audio took considerable time, as did the research for each episode. I’m finding I cannot sustain that chunk of time each month, what with my other personal and professional commitments. And I’m not willing to sacrifice quality just to keep things going in skeletal form.

As I said at the end of episode 14, I hope that you will continue to enjoy the existing episodes, which are still available here and on iTunes. If you’re looking for related programming, you can find some of my favorite podcasts linked in the sidebar at right.

Perhaps one of you will even pick up the torch and begin a podcast of your own on the history of science. Please feel free to get in touch if you do. I’ll be happy to talk over your plans with you.

Best wishes,



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