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Susan Epperson, an Arkansas teacher who challenged her state's anti-evolution law in 1968Listen to this episode.

This episode inaugurates our series on the history behind the evolution-intelligent design controversy. Today, we examine the deep history of scientific method, and how the rules evolved to the point where intelligent design cannot follow them.

Guest essay – John Burchfield and Shalane Giles, “The Evolution of Scientific Method”

  • for further reading:
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    • The TalkOrigins Archive: an online collection of articles on the evolution-intelligent design controversy, including documents from the McLean v. Arkansas case.

  • John Burchfield and Shalane Giles are both seniors at Southwestern University. John is studying political science and has ambitions of becoming a writer. Shalane is studying religion and biology; after graduation, she plans to travel and may attend graduate school.

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New RSS feed

(To some of you, the subject line of this post and what I am about to say will be complete gibberish. If it is, then what follows probably doesn’t affect you, so fret not.)

I have changed the RSS feed for the podcast. This is only an issue if you have subscribed to the podcast using a podcatcher that is not iTunes.

  • If you subscribe via iTunes, then your subscription should have shifted over automatically.
  • If you subscribe using another podcatcher, you will need to resubscribe using the RSS feed listed at the right. (Look for the orange icon.)
  • If you listen to the podcast directly from the website (that is, if you click on “Listen to this episode”), then this change will not affect you.

My apologies for the inconvenience. If you must know, I got fed up with Libsyn’s poor excuse for a statistics generator.

Right. Let’s all get back to something more interesting.

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