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On today’s show, we look at the seemingly obvious idea that women and men are opposites. So many cultures historically have assumed this to be so, and so many of these cultures have argued that differences between men and women had a natural basis. We will see how difficult that argument has been to maintain as science has probed deeper into the human body.

Guest essay: Amber Hoerauf, “The Hormone Revolution”

Host essay: “Yin to His Yang”

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Correction to episode 1

In the essay “Dying Planet,” I said that nineteenth-century astronomers came to see Mars as the planet that most closely resembled Earth in size. I misspoke. Of the planets in our solar system, Venus is closest in size to Earth, and nineteenth-century astronomers knew that. I should have said that nineteenth-century astronomers saw Mars as the planet that was easiest to study for analogies to what would happen to Earth.

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